After 15 years of riding the cusp of the UK hip hop wave with stamps of approval from all the major movements in independent UK hip Hop throughout the years, Lowlife, YNR and now the colossal High Focus Records, unlike many of his contemporaries ,Verb T has remained and is still going strong. After having worked with all the top producers in the UK rap scene over the course of his long career,Verb T has recently shown his full potential as an artist, coming full circle to handling his own production on his latest release ‘I Remain’ to critical acclaim, and even being shortlisted as of one of the Uk Hip Hop albums of 2013 by Wordplay Magazine.

So having proven himself both on the microphone and on the beats, High Focus Records is proud to present ‘Verbs Without Words – Instrumentals Vol. 1’. A digital only release of a collection of classic Verb T instrumentals from various classic albums he has contributed to over the years such as the recently released ‘I Remain’, the previous year’s ‘Morning Process’, ‘Self-Ish’ EP, ‘Self- Less’ EP, Fliptrix’s ‘Theory Of Rhyme’ and ‘Verbs With a Vengeance’.

Enter the world of ‘Verbs Without Words’ an instrumental walk down memory lane exploring the various moods and themes throughout Verb T’s career, whether you are an MC who wants to spit bars or just wanting to relax to some dope rhythms there is something for everyone on this collection of instrumentals! Download your copy now!