High Focus Records is proud to announce the release of Verb T’s brand new self produced ‘Medicated Dreams EP’ on digital and CD. This is a very personal project to Verb T, not due to the fact that every bar and every beat is his own, but because the EP delves deep into his experiences dealing with some of his toughest struggles. Who better than the man himself to break it down:

‘I had been struggling for years with Crohn’s disease and all the different medication I had to take was affecting me badly as well. In that hospital bed I finished off writing the Morning Process album. I was there over Christmas when I should have been with my kids. My hair looked fucking sick really but I was at the lowest point I ever have been physically. When I came out I was on a huge dose of steroids which made me feel better at first only to feel a lot worse. This is around the time when the four owls album was new and we were doing shows all over. I would be sitting backstage looking half dead and have to jump up and go mental on stage. The traveling and not sleeping were hard, it had to be a case of mind over matter to get through it sometimes. I heard an endless list of “you look tired man” “you look well sad mate” “are you wasted?” “did some one shit in your ruck sack?” (ok not the last one). in the past few months I’ve tried other more natural remedies and tried taking better care of myself generally and it’s helped but it’s still a struggle sometimes. So my new EP is a wacked out journey through my experiences under the influence of different types of medication with side helpings of weird dreams, some depression and some optimism, it’s out on Firday, that’s good isn’t it? yes.’

‘Medicated Dreams EP’ is out now on CD and available on all good digital platforms iTunes / Juno / Amazon