Quick off the heels of last years hugely successful ‘Morning Process (Waking Up) LP’, Verb T the ‘Certified G, The mic Veteran’, as Big Owl puts it, is back again with his 7th studio album ‘I Remain’. Here is the video for the brand new single ‘Old And Grumpy’ taken from the album.

After 15 years of riding the cusp of the UK hip hop wave with stamps of approval from all the major movements in independent UK hip Hop throughout the years, Lowlife, YNR and now the colossal High Focus Records, Verb T has indeed Remained. He is then, he is now and he remains as hungry as ever.

After having worked with all the top producers in the UK rap scene over the course of his long career, this time around Verb T is showing his full potential as an artist, coming full circle to handling his own production. This is Verb T’s masterpiece, exercising complete control on the direction of this project showcasing how and why he has remained in the spotlight for so long. This album can truly be described as the materialization of his own vision, with no one else dotting the I’s or, ironically, crossing the T’s on this opus.

A self described fighting album, the title ‘I Remain’ does not strictly apply to the sheer length of his career in Hip Hop, Verb T however takes a more personal approach into the trials and tribulations of everyday life. With unparalleled writing ability, Verbs has created a very deep record encapsulating the struggle we all go through in a beautiful and cohesive way. Essentially letting the listener enter into his world and breaks down how, through the struggles, he has remained and continue to do so.

Considering the intimacy of this gem, Verb T has understandably only enlisted the help of his closest cohorts. We have long time collaborator Kashmere making an appearance marking ten years since the release UK Hip Hop classic ‘Backhand Slap Talk’ on LowLife Records, High Focus Records front man & stage partner Fliptrix also makes an appearance as well as veteran Genesis Elijah. Highlighting even further the extent to which this album is purely Verb T’s conception and brainchild.

‘I Remain’ is out now on CD, Limited Edition Vinyl and Digital Download.