State Of Flow’ is the third single from Jman & the Argonautz; the latest (and largest) signing to the High Focus roster.

The 6-piece outfit recently announced their DEBUT LP ‘Therapy In Session’. 16-tracks of eloquent, genre-blurring and razor sharp music, ‘Therapy In Session’ represents catharsis for both Jman and The Argonautz; a deep dive into the curveballs that life too often throws at us.

☝️ Watch the OFFICIAL VIDEO for ‘State Of Flow‘ above ☝️

🎹 – Weztax (@weztax_beats)
🎥 – Parallel Media (@_parallelmedia_)

Without question the most measured example of their eclectic sound to date, and in tandem with the success Jman has tasted as a solo artist, ‘State Of Flow’ has all of the makings of another underground classic certain to garner loud praise from both UK fans and beyond.


Therapy In Session’ is OUT on PRE-ORDER now, set to be officially released on 05/05/2023.