Pitch 92

With production embodying golden age swing and soul despite his youth, Ian Garland aka Pitch 92 is etching his own path into the modern hip hop landscape. Born in Dublin in 1992, Pitch grew up in Germany and Switzerland where the sounds of Madlib and Dilla fired his neurons and heart. Surrounded by creativity in the guise of close friends ASM (A State Of Mind), the crew got him to pick up his first MPC at age 12, graduating from the SP 303 sampler he was already familiar with.

Pitch moved to the UK in 2008, and quickly embedded himself into the Manchester hip hop scene. He met The Mouse Outfit and began playing MPC live along with the band – before long, he was a core element in the studio, his jazzy boom bap the nucleus of the first two Mouse Outfit albums, Escape Music (2013) and Step Steadier (2015).

Producing and touring Europe with the Mice for seven years, Pitch departed in 2017 to pursue a solo career. Having met Verb T during the making of the second Mouse LP, the two formed a partnership resulting in the well-received album Good Evening on High Focus Records, Pitch’s reflective soundtrack complimenting Verb’s introspective lyricism perfectly.

Pitch now enters his next phase with High Focus, releasing both a solo EP entitled ‘Lost In Space’ and his critically acclaimed debut album ‘3rd Culture’ featuring some of the scene’s most well respected national and international names. From there he returned to the studio to with Verb T, following up ‘Good Evening’ with ‘A Question of Time’ – an LP jam packed with enough concepts, rhythms and rhymes to keep you coming back for more.

Recently, Pitch 92 has collaborated with UK heavyweights Jehst, Lord Apex, and Kiko Bun in producing the double A-side 7″ single featuring ‘Suttin in the trunk’ and ‘Good With Me’. The duo of funky grooves produced by Pitch provides the ultimate backdrop, allowing Jehst and Apex to do what they do best – and not to mention the insanely memorable hook from Kiko Bun making this release an instant summer classic.