Concrete Fantasia, the fifth studio album from Onoe Caponoe is oUT NOW on High Focus Records.

18-tracks, STACKED with eye-watering features and beyond, ‘Concrete Fantasia’ is without question Onoe Caponoe’s most incredible offering to date.


In crystal clear comms with the mothership; littered with striking references to fantastical realms and uncommon lore, but very much anchored in the inner city blocks and smoggy roadsides that inform his everyday, ‘Concrete Fantasia’ is a dark fantasy tape that expertly blurs the lines between the view from Onoe’s window and a SPIRALLING source code now synonymous with Onoe’s signature offerings across the artistic sphere.

A veritable tapestry of tones, moods, episodes, chapters and character profiles, ‘Concrete Fantasia’ is without question Onoe Caponoe’s most incredible offering to date.

It is also his most experimental…

Pinocchio ducking feds in the hood, an Ice King ruling over a frostbitten kingdom, The Cheshire Cat trying to clean up Alice’s act, sweet serenades to off-shore mermaids, the trials and tribulations of life in a haunted trap house, big booty witches, flying carpets, The Four Horsemen and beyond, ‘Concrete Fantasia’ feels limitless. And with an eclectic line-up of featured artists propping up the fictional cast, including (but not limited to) Lil B The Based God, Pezheads front-woman Lealani,  Zdechly Osa, the High plains Drifter Jehst and with both international production talent in cahoots with long-time neighbourhood collaborator Kehlarj and UK rap scene stalwart Forest DLG, Concrete Fantasia’ has all the makings of an alt-rap odyssey for the ages.

Speaking on the album, Onoe Caponoe explains…

“I wanted to create a record that offers up an alternate space for the listener to escape while still commenting on the highs and lows of city life.”