“Sometime around 2015 I moved from London to Andalucia to help set up a space for young people at the heart of one of the busiest, longest standing off grid communities in Europe. I planned to stay for 3 months. I ended up living there for 4 years.

The world I encountered there was nothing like what I expected. No utopia. It was rough, harsh, petty, occasionally brutally violent, and always full of contradiction, confusion and trauma. At the same time, amongst all that, it was also profoundly hopeful and often astonishingly beautiful in ways no tired hippy cliché could ever evoke.

Given my previous two releases anyone paying attention might have expected me to write some heartfelt poetry and set it to some evocative clicks and clacks. However, somehow, in midst of it all, it felt more right and made more sense to create an obnoxious cartoon Kestrel – KEZ – write bars about it all through his eyes, and slap it over some bangers. KEZ therapy.

Big love to Illinformed, one of the best to do it without doubt. Dirty Dike, Jam Baxter, Smellington Piff, Ronnie Bosh, Leaf Dog, BVA and Sammy B-Side who all came through with mad features and the team at HF for supporting the project, and Monsta who captured my twisted imagination perfectly in his illustrations. Above all love to everyone that’s part of that time and continues to be a part of the worlds that we grew out of it. Bene Babez this one 4 u.” ~ Mr Key

KEZ is out today, available on a limited 12” Gatefold vinyl w/ accompanying 12-page comic book inlay. You can stream it across DSPs and also in its entirety on YouTube, with animated illustrations for each song courtesy of Kapi Kurtaran.