King Kashmere returns with ‘Push Start’; an 8-track instrumental project PERFECT for this delirious summer heatwave.

Expertly weaving pop-culture references with moments of true emotion, King Kashmere’s ‘Push Start’ hovers like a buzzard, high above the sticklers treading water in the latency ponds below. It is a swooning and soulful offering that shines a floodlight on Kashmere’s credentials as a producer, but also a storyteller.

Boasting a multi-decade contribution to the scene, King Kashmere’s quest to perfect the unperfectable has seen him carve out a unique position, rooted in local respect and international intrigue. His vision is irrepressible and unwavering; and having revealed a veritable TAPESTRY of audio and visual offerings across the UK rap spectrum on Receptor Records, YNR, EGLO Records, Par Excellence and Tru Thoughts over the years, before finding a home on High Focus Records, King Kashmere continues to channel a near superhuman work-rate under an umbrella of monikers, including (but not limited to)…

Alien Funk
The Iguana Man
Chuck Enzo
Gawd Status
Strange U
Old Children

‘Push Start’ files under King Kashmere, while leaning heavily upon his time as 1/3rd of the Old Children crew. Each of the 8-instrumentals standing proudly as new-found relics of the Old Children canon that, in true testament to Kashmere’s capabilities behind the boards, continue to BUMP in 2022 (without a rapper in sight.)


01 – Intro
02 – 1UP
03 – Metron
04 – Abin Sur
05 – Louder
06 – Long Road / Interlude 2
07 – Double Dragon
08 – Outro

🎨 @hpblk.wav