Today, High Focus Records is proud to announce the release of Jam Baxter’s brand new and hotly anticipated solo LP. ‘…so we ate them whole’ finds Jam Baxter in exceptionally good stead after an incredibly surreal year, fortifying his standing as one of the rap world’s most enterprising oddballs as he effortlessly saunters through a galaxy quite unlike anything anyone’s ever witnessed before.

From top to tail, ‘…so we ate them whole’ showcases Baxter at his most experimental to date, so much so, it may appear that the innate propensity to ‘keep it real’ as a hip hop artist has never been more rigorously put to the test, however, as Baxter will have you know, his life and music are powerfully linked, even when at his most vitriolic…

“I made a third of ‘…so we ate them whole’ while living in Arsenal squat getting wasted and not sleeping, residing in a room with no windows and several leaks in the ceiling, then Summer happened and I snapped my arm in half at 7AM in the middle of the Adriatic sea. I wrote the next wave of the record sat in a hospital ward in Archway or between appointments high on prescription opiates trying real hard to get healthy. The final songs were recorded as the brassout eased and I could start to do normal things again.”

Told you.

To cut a long story short, ‘…so we ate them whole’ documents the whirlwind narrative of Baxter’s last calendar year on planet Earth. Make no mistake; Baxter’s world is as colourful, grotesque and profound as ever, it’s just, nowadays it is even more sculpted,refined and beautiful than it has ever been. The details are infinite and the wordplay is dangerously powerful – ‘…so we ate them whole’ offers the most comprehensive insight into the wonderful mind of Baxter to date and trust us, just the tiniest peek is an escapists dream…

Rap bars aside, ‘…so we ate them whole’ is expertly composed by mysterious South London music mogul Telemachus. As musical camaraderies go, you will be hard pressed to find a stronger partnership. Telemachus’ wide and deep musical craft makes for ideal hunting ground for Baxter as he proceeds to pick galaxies apart and patch them back together again track-on-track (fourteen to be precise) as the track list unfolds, implodes and regenerates on command.

From the utterly enthralling dissection of hospital ward living on ’28 Staples’ to the blow-by-blow account of that tour life with GANG members Dirty Dike and DJ Sammy B-Side on the anthemic ‘Menu’, to the sensational fly-on-the-wall storytelling prose of ‘Breakfast’, to the doom riddled, visually majestic prose at work on lead single ‘Leash’, ‘…so we ate them whole’ really is Jam Baxter on full-tilt, handbrake off, everything at his mercy.

‘…so we ate them whole’ is OUT NOW and available on limited edition vinyl, CD and digital download.