Live music is in trouble right now. It is an incredibly fundamental part of the culture and industry and throughout all the years of us putting on shows and working with promoters and festivals all over the world it has helped High Focus Records, it’s artists and everyone involved grow from strength to strength. So much has been gained from the artists traveling the world, accomplishing their dreams and being able to make a living doing what they love because YOU the fans have supported and bought tickets to the shows. This has led the artists to be able to continue to create due to the financial stability aswell as getting to experience the most special part of creating music which is playing it live to the fans and experiencing the connections that are made from these performances.
While many other industry’s have been given support from the government the music and arts industry has been given very little help by comparison. Which means the live music industry really needs our help! We are supporting the #LetTheMusicPlay campaign, calling on the UK government to provide urgent financial support for music venues and their staff. Live music means so much to all of us, let’s ensure it’s future and make a stand.

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