We have announced the date for the High Focus Records Christmas Party, taking place on the 19th of December 2015 at Village underground in Shoreditch, London. If you’ve been to one of our parties before you know that these are sell out roadblock events so make sure you get your tickets while you still can, Early birds have already sold out so be quick and get the first & second ticket releases! Not only is this Christmas Special going to be the official London launch of the Dead Player’s brand new ‘Freshly Skeletal’ album, but it will also be an exclusive showcase of Ocean Wisdom’s highly anticipated Dirty Dike produced debut album ‘Chaos 93’. If these two acts alone weren’t enough to convince you to come down we also have performances from The Four Owls, Dirty Dike, Edward Scissortongue, Pete Cannon, DJ Sammy B-Side & DJ Madnice. Also on the night we will have a High Focus Merchandise Stall selling everything from Vinyls & CD’s to sweaters, hats, hoodies and T-shirts! Its going to be a night to remember! For tickets and more information click HERE!