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Forest DLG

Growing up in South London at the turn of the millennium, a young Forest DLG soaked up the frequencies of late night Choice FM and underground pirate radio, falling hopelessly in love with the hip hop, jungle, dancehall, 2-step and grime being beamed into his parents’ kitchen. 

As a result, he tumbled into the UK rap scene and under the pseudonym ‘Chemo’ spent 20+ years pulling strings as a producer and sound engineer. Renowned for his keen ear for the unusual, he has spent the best part of two decades as executive producer on a number of cult classic releases, such as ‘Mansion 38’ with Jam Baxter and ‘Voices from Planet Cattele’ with Onoe Caponoe.

These releases (among others) steadily cemented his reputation as a visionary composer of nuanced and textured alt hip hop music; leaning on the fundamentals, but always in a lane of his own.

Fast forward a few, and under the new pseudonym Telemachus (reserved for his more esoteric and complex works), he has released three solo albums, the latest named ‘Boring and Weird Historical Music’ released to critical acclaim on High Focus Records.

“I’m hard pressed to find another producer who takes the listener on such a journey with each record” ★★★★ The Wire Magazine 

“Few can pull off an album with such grandiose notions” ★★★★ The Line of Best Fit 

“A genre defying aural feast” ★★★★★ Songlines Magazine



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