Finally, the big day is here! Dabbla’s debut solo album ‘Year Of The Monkey’ is finally out now! Dabbla is one of the most consistent MC’s to ever emerge out of the UK, whether it be tearing it up as one third of the Dead Players, Problem Child or the infamous London Zoo, he has always impressed and left hordes of fans demanding more of his signature golden flow, trademark humour and unparalleled skill. Finally the moment we have all been waiting for is here – Dabbla’s first solo album – ‘Year Of The Monkey’ featuring jaw dropping production from the likes of GhostTown, Tom Caruana, Star.One, Don Piper, Naive, Chemo & Sumgii as well as guest appearances from Dirty Dike, Ocean Wisdom, Jam Baxter, Dubbledge, Cobes & Graziella.

The Highly anticipated ‘Year Of The Monkey’ LP is OUT NOW and available to order on CD, LIMITED EDITION VINYL & DIGITAL