One of those slightly obscure figures who has helped British music move along more than most people will probably ever know.
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Growing up in South London at the turn of the millennium, a young ​Telemachus soaked up the frequencies of late night ​Choice FM and underground pirate radio, falling hopelessly in love with the ​Hip-Hop, Jungle, Dancehall, 2 Step and Grime​being beamed into his parents’ kitchen.

As a result, he tumbled into the ​UK Rap scene and under the pseudonym ‘Chemo’ he spent years pulling strings as a producer and sound engineer. Renowned as a hard worker with a keen ear for the unusual, he could count as comrades cult icons such as Beat Butcha, Jehst, Triple Darkness and High Focus Records​.

His relationship with High Focus goes back many years and he has mixed and mastered almost all High Focus records to date as well as producing for Jam Baxter, Dirty Dike, Rag’n’Bone Man, Onoe Caponoe & TrueMendous amongst others. Outside of the label, Chemo has played a crucial part in pioneering the new generation of UK Rap and Hip-Hop and has been recognised consistently as one of the most prolific producers of his time.

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