Sparkz has shuffled the pack as a lyricist, MC, frontman and host since the youth club days.

Sourcing inspiration from every corner of the musical universe, leaning on classic era boom bap and early-era grime for the steadiest flow of sonic inspiration, Sparkz’ name is synonymous with razor sharp lyricism and an elite level of showmanship that sees him effortlessly translate his skillset across genres, tones, moods and occasions.

Thriving in the Manchester scene from an early age, cutting his teeth at local open mics and beyond, Sparkz has been a mainstay ever since. After defining chapters as frontman for the Mouse Outfit, 1/4 of Voodoo Black and 1/14th of rap army LEVELZSparkz has been quietly chipping away on a new body of work, (by laptop light behind closed doors) steadily accruing the skillset required to redefine himself as a solo artist, on his own terms, with rock solid foundations in what is best described as a ‘trifecta of growth’ :- evolving his credentials on golden era boom bap, fine-tuning his grime game, while honing his skillset as a producer at the same time.

This ONE MAN BAND approach has Sparkz truly excited about the new chapter. Full creative control over his musical destiny offering up a freedom you can absolutely hear in the music. A renaissance of sorts, made up of a veritable tapestry of sonic cuts sourced from the many chapters that have shaped his journey to this point.

Upon signing to High Focus Records and speaking on the latest chapter, Sparkz reveals… “The songs that people best know me for have been collaborations, as a featuring artist of part of a group. The new music is all me. To me it feels like a new energy, but at the same time it’s not unfamiliar…”