Onoe Caponoe

Onoe Caponoe is a true individual in a sea full of clones. Hailing from an unknown area of London, the cat lord rises above the endless conveyor belt of the norm… Onoe carves out his own corner of the galaxy amidst a sea of noise that sadly, all sound the same… Having refined his vision through years of painstaking experimentation, Onoe has travelled to realms most rappers would never dream of.

Not quite satisfied with what he was hearing and seeing Onoe immersed himself into the creative process, and began to develop his own musical universe, along with his cohorts the Holy Delix.

With influences drawn from a wide range of sources including the ethereal space funk of Funkadelic & Sun Ra to the stripped back rawness of punk rock, Onoe Caponoe is peerless in this modern world of instagram clones. We aren’t even sure if he lives on Planet Earth or broadcasting remotely from a distant planet.

From designing his own album covers to putting on his own art shows, tearing down live shows to producing his own beats & directing his own videos – Onoe is an imaginative force like no other, leaving no stone unturned. Despite his unique approach to creation, one thing is certain that everyone can agree with, from the stubborn Boom Bap fanatic to the most hyped up Trap lord, Onoe has SERIOUS skills on the mic – An undeniable fact.

The road less travelled is the norm for this psychedelic fearless creative. ‘Surf Or Die’, is a relentless tirade of unapologetic bangers from the OTHER side. BEWARE! Awash an amalgamation of dizzying flows and off the wall production, Onoe continued to break boundaries on ‘Invisible War’ and his latest LP ‘Concrete Fantasia’ has been hailed by many as his finest to date.

While taking inspiration from an incredibly eclectic range of material, Onoe’s music exists somewhere between the past, present, and future. It’s practically impossible to be in the same league as Onoe, since the playing field is in another galaxy and the rules are made up as he goes.