Mr Key

Mr Key was about for a bit. Then he went away for a while and spent some time outside. Then he came back and wrote some lyrics about all the stuff. Then he went back outside. Its nice outside you should go some time.

He is better than all the other rappers because he is really honest and really good at saying stuff and he has good ideas. He falls in love at the drop of a hat. He is easily distracted by fields and birds. He is in the notorious rap gangs SMB and Contact Play.

Mr Key has been collaborating with Greenwood Sharps to produce two deep and ethereal albums together. With Key’s acrobatic flows filling the negative space in Greenwood Sharps‘ spaced out production. The critically acclaimed Yesterday’s Futures took the listener on a meandering journey through a vast landscape of moods, sounds and ideas, leading ultimately to redemption and the possibility of resolution. 

Green & Gold’ the long awaited follow up, was written and recorded between Greenwood Sharps’ cottage in the verdant English countryside and the off grid Finca in the foothills of the Andalusian Sierra Nevada, Spain where Key is based.

In a troubled and busy world, marred with anxieties and uncertainties, ‘Green & Gold’ comes as a breath of fresh air and offers some valuable food for thought for those searching for real heart felt substance rather than the sanitised, individualised & commodified norm we have all become accustomed to.