King Kashmere

King Kashmere is a vapourwave artist who champions a dozen or so sounds, rooted in gripping pop culture aesthetics, genre-smashing production and impeccable versemanship.

Boasting a multi-decade contribution to the scene, King Kashmere’s quest to perfect the unperfectable has seen him carve out a unique point on a map rooted in local respect and international intrigue.

Having revealed a veritable TAPESTRY of audio and visual offerings across the UK rap spectrum on Receptor Records, YNR, EGLO Records, Par Excellence, Tru Thoughts, before finding a home on High Focus Records, King Kashmere continues to channel a near superhuman work-rate under an umbrella of monikers, including (but not limited to)…

  • Vadertron
  • Galaktus
  • The Iguana Man
  • Chuck Enzo
  • Gawd Status
  • Strange U
  • Old Children

King Kashmere’s commitment to producing soulful, inimitable hip hop for his fans is unwavering and the best place to experience his craft is, as with any true artist, in live settings; suited and booted, CHAIN SWINGING.



Push Start Instrumentals (2022)

Soul Calibur / North Star (2021)

In The Hour Of Chaos (2006)