“Self-exploration and human consciousness is central to the music I make. In a world of duality, I try to bring positive vibes…”

Fliptrix has been rhyming since he was a kid. He’s been performing ever since the doormen would let him into Speakers Corner and his impact on the UK scene is as significant as his songs are adventurous and eye-opening. The London born lyricist plies his trade as a solo artist (Fliptrix), one-quarter of acclaimed outfit The Four Owls (Big Owl) and MD of High Focus Records (Zander).

The journey that Fliptrix has embarked upon was never expected, but one he always believed in. A journey that has taken him to every corner of the globe, seen him clash horns with a near-endless list of like-minded producers and lyricists, but moreover, launches and champion the careers of countless artists who have shared in the HF movement since its conception back in 2010.

Thirteen years on and HFR continues to flourish; recently surpassing 250,000,000 views (and counting) on YouTube, and having personally contributed 9 x solo LPs and 3 x Owls LPs to the canon, the world of music continues to evolve WAY beyond simple conversations of expressive output. That being said, when downtime does present itself, Fliptrix continues to find true solace working on solo material.

Shedding the more experimental layers and returning to a place of classic, foundational sounds, ‘MANTRA NO. 9’, represents an important milestone in his solo offerings.

Why? Because everything has trodden a very strategic path, an arc if you will, interlinked and interwoven, like a story, each body of work usurping the last, extending the tale, and ‘MANTRA NO. 9’, represents a crescendo in the aforementioned arc; set in motion back in 2007 on ‘Force Fed Imagery’ and completed, sixteen years later, in 2023.