Fliptrix has been rhyming since he was a kid, he’s been performing ever since the doormen would let him into Speakers Corner and his impact on UKHH is as significant as his songs are adventurous and eye-opening. The London born, Brighton based lyricist plies his trade as a solo artist (Fliptrix), as one-quarter of acclaimed outfit The Four Owls (Big Owl) and as Managing Director of High Focus Records (Zander). As you can probably gather, he is a busy guy.

It’s no real surprise that his first LP dropped around the time that the UKHH scene entered a period of renaissance. The first upturn since the golden days of ’00 / ’01. This renaissance has been growing richer and more luminous year-on-year since ‘Force Fed Imagery’ saw him burst onto the scene back in ’07 and Fliptrix can lay claim to a significant slice for the way in which UKHH has grown, the way in which it has evolved and subsequently, the way in which the clubs, bars and hangouts, skate parks and record crates, iPods and airwaves sound as a result, both in the UK but also Worldwide.

The journey that Fliptrix has embarked was never expected but one he always believed in; a journey that has taken him to every corner of the globe as a performer, seen him clash horns with a near-endless list of like-minded producers and lyricists, but moreover, launch and champion the careers of countless artists who have shared in the HF movement from the very beginning and will to the end.

If things were going well as a solo artist, then things began to go great when Fliptrix teamed up with fellow HF artists Leaf Dog, Verb T and BVA to form The Four Owls. Their debut LP ’Nature’s Greatest Mystery’ captured the imagination of the tight-knit UK scene, but also catapulted their unique brand of boisterous boom bap across Europe and beyond.

There is no question that ‘Nature’s Greatest Mystery’ was a defining release, and yet, their second outing ‘Natural Order’ (including the DJ Premier produced hit single ‘Think Twice’) flew straight to #1 in the iTunes chart cementing the legacy of the group within the annals of rap history. With an Australian headline tour but weeks away, it’s safe to say that their unique blend of masked mystery and timeless boom bap has captured the hearts of minds of thousands of hip hop heads the world over.

The most rewarding thing for Fliptrix is the way he feels the energy of music two-fold thanks to establishing High Focus back in 2010. Nominated for best small label at the 2015 AIM awards, HFTV has clocked over 220,000,000 views and counting on YouTube, and with countless releases under his belt, the world of music has developed into a place where expression no longer dictates everything. Most significantly perhaps, Zander has steered and grown HF with no financial backing, with no help from business mentors or major label umbrellas. It’s simply a result of hard word, belief and dedication.

In any downtime of late, Fliptrix continues to work on solo projects. When collaborating with acclaimed producer Illinformed, the relationship between the two is immediately recognisable on ‘Patterns Of Escapism’; Illinformed’s contemplative production alongside Fliptrix’s instantly recognisable existential eloquence are made for one another. As Fliptrix explains…

“The music I make is all about the depths of self-exploration the heights of human consciousness. Even though the world can be ugly, I try to bring positive vibes…’

If you’re a fan of Fliptrix’s signature flows and seamless semantics, then ‘INEXHALE’, represents an important milestone in his solo work to date. Why? Because everything he has done in music has trodden a very strategic path, an arc if you will, interlinked and interwoven, like a story, each LP usurping the last, extending the tale.

In 2020, Fliptrix gave the people what they wanted, not only by releasing his newest solo album ‘Light Work’, but by also releasing the third Four Owls album ‘Nocturnal Instinct’ only months apart from eachother. With prestigious features from DJ Premier, Masta Killa of Wu Tang, Kool G Rap, R.A. The Rugged Man, and Roc Marciano, the extent of the Owl’s influence on the global Hip Hop scene has never been more clear.

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Light Work (2020)

Inexhale (2018)

Patterns of Escapism (2016)

Polyhymnia (2014)

Out Of The Box (2014)

Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway (2012)

Third Eye Of The Storm (2012)

Theory Of Rhyme (2010)

Force Fed Imagery (2007)

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