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Ed Scissor’s latest album ’Tell Them It’s Winter’ ruminates over life and love. The LP settles on the notion that every human being is on the hunt for the same thing.

A key player in the Brit rap renaissance, renowned live performer, acclaimed wordsmith and expert storyteller, Scissortongue’s development tessellates strongly with his ever-blossoming relationship with Glasgow-based producer Lamplighter. The pair have developed into one of the key partnerships in the alt-rap soundscape ever since their debut ‘Better.Luck.Next.Life’ was released to critical acclaim back in 2012 (even though they rarely find themselves in the same room as one another).

Fast forward four years and the duo’s nu-classical compositions are wiser and more profound than ever before. The camaraderie grows more expansive and ear-opening with every song; striking nods to love songs from the 60’s, 80’s power ballads, the seedy end of the 90’s R’n’B spectrum, to psych-indie anthems, rave anthems, electronica and drone, but moreover, countless nods to moving image, spoken word, soundtracks and scores – the music is rich, expansive and rewarding at every turn.

Scissortongue writes lyrics that extend beyond the realms of reality into a strange left field. It feels like an alternate reality in his head, fuelled by a heady mix of fantasy and reality, umbrella’d under a now customary gothic shroud. ‘Tell Them It’s Winter’ is the next (and quite possibly final) instalment and both Scissortongue and Lamplighter are super excited for you to hear it.

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Laminated Cakes‘ (2017)

Tell Them It’s Winter’ (2016)
Chavassian Striking Distance’ (2015)
The Theremin EP’ (2014)
Better.Luck.Next.Life’ (2012)
Contact Play Champion Fraff’ (2009)

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