Dead Players

The Dead Players are many things. So many things that it is hard to know where to start. Like a malnourished gerbil banging on the door of ten Downing Street demanding better animal rights for all kickable creatures great and small, this biography was only ever going to scratch the surface of their being.
These are the bones…

Dead Players are a trio of musicians comprising of Jam Baxter, Dabbla and Ghosttown. Dabbla and Baxter do the talking and Ghosttown does the sonics. Their debut album is scheduled for release on High Focus Records this August and much like a David Copperfield disappearing-Great-Wall-of-China-illusion it looks set to propel them from a mysterious crew on the cusp of something into a force to be reckoned with wherever they choose to showcase their music.

Baxter went public way back in 2010 during an interview for some local get up. He proclaimed that the person he would ‘most like to collaborate with’ was Dabbla of LDN Zoo. Dabbla heard the call-out and the creative cogs started turning. It was never a question of which producer to recruit; Ghosttown had worked with both emcees in the past and filled the boots of someone with a musical vision potent enough to accommodate the demands of the two lyricists.

The result? A camaraderie so colourful the UK hip hop scene will celebrate its inception for years to come, but moreover, an outfit that looks set to span a wide spectrum of genres and movements with the music they make.

Dead Players have written and recorded an album that is equally suited for a Tuesday evening barbecue with your obese Mother to a Friday night SUPER RAVE. It really doesn’t matter; you could be on a sinking P&O ferry or playing strip croquet with Zsa Zsa Gabor, the sheer musical dexterity on display is at times, game changing.

Just ask them yourself. Go find them. They’re about. Dabbla is currently sat in traffic on Holloway road smoking a fist shaped zoogy, Baxter is at Glastonbury (still) and Ghosttown is on Regents Canal watching his dog terrorising EVERYTHING.

The super group have released two LP’s to rapturous applause and critical acclaim, the self titled ‘Dead Players’ (2013) and ‘Freshly Skeletal’ (2015).