Bristol based Datkid first made his mark in the Hip Hop game in 2012 alongside the Split Prophets crew, and immediately made a huge impact on the scene. Gaining attention as a solo artist in 2013 with his first single ‘Home By 8’, an ode to life on tag, Datkid quickly became one of UK Hip Hop’s top prospects. With attitude by the bucket load and the skills set to match, Datkid has been churning out high quality music ever since, featuring on a plethora of projects as well as releasing his own monumental solo album ‘Teeth Ledger’ alongside producer Baileys Brown.Datkid has proven to be an exceptional MC, displaying the perfect balance of technical brilliance and hardcore ‘I don’t give a F***’ sensibilities – consistently stealing the show on any track he appears on.

Fast forward to 2019, Datkid collaborated with fellow West Country dweller & Four Owls producer Leaf Dog to create ‘Confessions of A Crud Lord’, possibly one of the most hardcore albums to ever grace the High Focus catalogue.

With the aftermath of his High Focus Records debut still lingering, Datkid makes a triumphant return to the fore with his latest album, ‘WAKMO’. Fuelled by the same gritty realism that has earned him a place as one of the UK’s most respected MCs, on WAKMO, Datkid is still unrepentant in all the best ways. Recounting the streets sagas and nefarious narratives that have become hallmarks of his craft, while channeling the same rough, rugged and raw energy of 90’s gangsta rap.

With Leaf Dog at the helm for Confessions of a Crud Lord, this time round Datkid has kept it in the family, collaborating with Leaf’s brother Illinformed for the duration of the album. Illinformed’s capacity for building moody, head-nod inducing backdrops is as potent as ever and serves as the perfect atmospheric foundation for Datkid’s brutally honest bars in all their unabashed rawness.

While Confessions of a Crud Lord saw Datkid flexing his international muscle and connecting with underground heavyweights, Westside Gunn, Conway the Machine and Roc Marciano, WAKMO is a testament to his hometown allegiance. As well as the title coming straight outta Bristol slang, the album itself boasts an impressive guestlist of the city’s rap affiliates, with features from Wish Master, Leaf Dog, Mistafire, Eric the Red and Illinformed’s ragga-rap duo, Babylon Dead, as well as contributions from Datkid’s original Split Prophets family, including Bil Next and Res One.

WAKMO stands out as an unflinching and unapologetic snapshot of Datkid’s career and his life as a whole, oozing with integrity at every turn and faintly glistening as another grimy jewel in his crooked crown.