Simply put, Dabbla is your favourite rapper’s favourite rapper. Since appearing with LDZ (London Zoo), Dabbla has proved himself to be one of the UK’s most valuable and original assets to Rap Music.

Dabbla’s skill is evident in the success of the latest Dead Players album, ‘Freshly Skeletal’, on the mighty High Focus Records. Not to mention his unmatchable collaborations with Rusko, Gawtbass and Son of Kick from L.A based Buygore Records. Dabbla’s latest project, Problem Child on Foreign Beggars’ imprint Par Excellence demonstrates that this MC shows no signs of slowing down or making it easy for anyone stepping up to the plate.

To say he is an electric live performer is an understatement, Dabbla’s signature fast flow incites riotous behavior, he has destroyed stages from Iceland to Australia to Glastonbury leaving very little ground untouched. Supported by key radio stations such as BBC Radio 1 & Kiss FM the future is bright for this talented MC.

His latest release on High Focus Records, the aptly titled ‘Year Of The Monkey’ features the tantalizing voices of Ocean Wisdom, Jam Baxter, Dirty Dike, Dubbledge & Graziella; and bulging with production from Tom Caruana, Chemo, Sumgii, Ghosttown & Naive (to name just a few) has seen Dabbla explode on the scene, confirming that he is indeed your favourite rapper’s favourite rapper.