Cracker Jon

Croydon, South London is widely known as the birth place of the Dubstep movement which has aggravatingly seeped deep into the modern commercial culture having become the backdrop to every advert and pop hit this side of 2011. You wouldn’t expect the same south London borough to be the home of its antithesis, Cracker Jon & 2Late.

The duo churn out music like they have been transported back in time and hitched rides in the delorean with the likes of a 90’s Redman & Eric Sermon, the Artifacts, George Clinton & Miles Davis to name but a few. How did these two young scoundrels develop such a vintage crusty sound amidst the lasers, donks, womps and squelches of their neighbours.

How did these two carve out a sound so dirty & authentic? How is it possible that kids who were learning to walk, talk, and going to primary school in the 90’s are able to become ambassadors of the sound we all hold near and dear to our hearts with such convincing results. The proof is simply in their output, you have to hear it to believe it.

2Late makes beats that would even leave the likes of (insert 90’s producer name here) scratching his head going, ‘wait a minute…did I make this?’… Marinated in a vintage Jazz funk concentrate since a young age, 2Late is a self-taught rhythmical mastermind and a perfect counterpart for the tirades of Cracker Jon, who’s flow bobs and weaves perfectly between the syncopated rhythms of the raw as fuck production.

Cracker Jon, the mouthpiece of the duo, does not cater to anyone, ‘F*** a chorus, you don’t get bored when I spit’. With a general disregard for song structure, himself, others and not giving a single fuck about what you think, it is this infectious attitude that has you wanting more and more. What is he going to say next?

Whether it be going from social awareness to drug-fuelled debauchery or the global economy, everything is just a turn of phrase around the corner. The man has hidden depths and there are inklings to this submerged genius all over his debut album. Cracker Jon effortlessly blends the rugged uncompromising street ethics with blisteringly scathing social commentary into a sharply tipped nuclear warhead which walks the tightrope between the chasms of ignorance and genius.

The duo has been doing live shows for years, destroyed the UK festival circuit, toured the country with Fliptrix & Verb T and taken their antics further afield playing at Outlook Festival, Croatia. These two Croydon residents are the anomaly, the exception to the rule. The majority of their peers have followed the lasers and glow sticks, however, this pair of scurrying funk rats continue to paddle upstream crafting one outspoken funk track at a time. Uncompromising to the very core, we are proud to present Cracker Jon & 2Late ‘You Can take the Cracker out of Croydon’.