CMPND (pronounced Compound), is a Brighton based hybrid rap three piece, formed of members KemastryWundrop & Vitamin G. Since joining the High Focus Records family in April 2019, the group have been tearing up the live circuit & churning out singles showcasing their sonic versatility – Clearly demonstrating why they are the torch bearers ushering in a whole new generation & sound into the UK Rap world.

CMPND’s debut release, ‘Eagle Court’, is a densely packed album that defies categorisation. The trio bring a whole new vision and aesthetic to the forefront without sounding or mimicking the current sounds emanating from America, falling into the trappings of Grime & Drill or recreating the ‘90‘s Golden Age’ Hip Hop sound – Whether it be the mind bending production or the next level pen game, they are bringing something truly unique to the table. Named after the flat where they all lived and produced the album, it is clear the trio were hermetically sealed in the lab, crafting an exceptional vision devoid of outside distractions and influences.

With surreal unpredictable rhymes from KemastryVitamin G‘s multi-syllable machine gun verses and Wundrop providing cold, scathing social observations as-well-as handling all production duties, ‘Eagle Court provides a modern day, new-generation saga, fusing the gritty & the suave in an audio visual experience like no other.