For the uninitiated, CMPND are a hybrid rap super group formed of producer and rapper Wundrop and MC’s Kemastry & Vitamin G.

Having soaked up all of the plaudits for their debut LP ‘Eagle Court’ released on High Focus Records back in 2019, the trio returned with their most raucous offering yet; Eagle Court II: Long Live The Court.

Picking up exactly where they left off, Long Live The Court pits a kaleidoscope of contrasting emotions and energies against one another across 18 brand new tracks. The highs and the lows, pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow, introspection, surrealism, insanity, debauchery, but most significantly, dreamlike instrumentals (dripping in swooning synths and fluxing drums) with unrelenting and electric lyricism.

Arguably their greatest collective attribute is the ability to express their unique personalities, whilst simultaneously producing a coherent piece of art that stays true to CMPND’s unwritten pillars. This is in part down to Wundrop’s role as executive producer, but also the fact that collaboration brings out the very best in them; constantly raising the levels in late-night studio sessions or when performing live.

The result is a truly unique listen created by a trio who find real freedom in documenting their devil may care approach to both life and love in the music they make.

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Long Live The Court (2022)

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