“Nutritious as a roast in a can…”

A timely reminder of Alecs DeLarge’s lucid style, ‘Scooby Snax’ is lifted from his debut self-produced LP ‘Alecs In Wonderland’.

With only a small handful of the vinyl and cassette tapes remaining, we recommend you act now to secure your copy. Once they’re gone (you guessed it) THEY’RE GONE!

Watch Alecs DeLarge’s new visuals, straight from his single ‘Scooby Snax

After releasing ‘The Album To End All Alien Abductions’ with HF legend King Kashmere back in June, Alecs Delarge returned QUICK FAST with his debut self-produced solo LP ‘Alecs In Wonderland’.

Alecs’ own “custom built version of The Matrix”, Wonderland is a perfect world created to escape the one outside his council flat window. A therapeutic outpouring of the lonely man’s psyche, or maybe just a slow descent into madness, polished and delivered to your ears in LP form, across 14-far out tracks.