Following hot in the footsteps of ‘Huéspedes’ and ’Black Clouds’, we are delighted to announce Granuja & Jam Baxter’s collaborative album ’De las Sombras’ is scheduled for release 05.12.23 on High Focus Records.

A haunting album across 11-tracks, ‘De las Sombras’ is a gothic listen; life and death at loggerheads in the back-and-forth, expertly soundtracked by Jack Danz’ signature sonics.


1 – Ruinas Pt. I
2 – Many Moons
3 – Black Clouds
4 – Pirómanos
5 – Numbers Game
6 – Wax Works
7 – Huéspedes
8 – Finales Fatícidos
9 – NTP
10 – Brujas
11 – Ruinas Pt. II

There is no question that Granuja and Baxter bring out a different side of one another. The two artists hopping borders, barriers and time zones; switching languages as often as they switch flows across an album unified by an all-encompassing sense of doom.

Pre orders are now live across multiple formats, including 2×12” vinyl options in black + epic colour vinyl offerings, and a merch range including hoodies, hats, tees + WOOLY JUMPERS FRESH OUT OF WUHAN PROVINCE.

🎨 – @little_sew_and_sow