Ramson Badbonez Remixes ’Hypnodic’

March 14th, 2023|News|

Ramson Badbonez returns with the second remix in as many weeks in the shape of ’Hypnodic (Remix)’; a reworked version of one of his most infamous tracks.

Sourced from the 2017 LP of the same name, Badbonez offers up a retrospective instrumental of his own, breathing new life into […]

Jman & The Argonautz Debut ‘Dying Breed’

March 10th, 2023|News|


‘Dying Breed’ is the buttery smooth debut single from Jman & The Argonautz and the perfect opening gambit from the outfit. Jman reintroducing himself, lyrics sharp as ever, in harmony with the live sonics as they stack harmoniously; showcasing The Argonautz at their very best, instrument-by-instrument.

Ramson Badbonez Launches BRAND NEW Remix Project!

March 7th, 2023|News|

Ramson Badbonez is one of the most celebrated lyricists in the UK, a true underground legend with storytelling talent TO BURN, but when the rhymebook is resting, Badbonez puts in hours behind the boards, honing his production style and collaborating with some INCREDIBLE talent across several indie releases.


Sparkz Returns with ‘Mean It’

March 3rd, 2023|News|

“Follow me into the evening, looking for something with meaning…”

Sparkz returns with ‘Mean It’, the second single from our new signing since the turn of the year.

Lifted from Sparkz’ recently announced ‘OVERLOAD’ EP, his debut bow on High Focus Records, ‘Mean It’ is the most striking example […]

Sparkz’ New ‘Overload’ EP – Available to PRE-ORDER now

March 1st, 2023|News|

Sparkz debut on High Focus Records, the hotly anticipated ‘OVERLOAD’ EP is available to PRE-ORDER now.

Fully self-produced, written, and recorded by the man himself, ‘Overload’ is a testament to the years in which Sparkz has honed his multi-disciplinary skillset.

‘Overload’ is available on a limited run of 250 BLACK VINYL, as well […]

Onoe Caponoe Opens the Door to the ‘House On The Hill’

February 28th, 2023|News|

‘House On The Hill’ is the latest 💎💎💎 extracted from Onoe Caponoe’s new album ‘Concrete Fantasia’.

Produced by MRKBVNGXR and with a STUNNING video directed by Onoe himself, ‘House On The Hill’ is SO MUCH more than an album reminder; it is a living, breathing multi-genre-horror-movie in its […]

‘Mantra No. 9’ is OUT NOW

February 21st, 2023|News|

“Every album is a reflection of where I am currently; reflecting on the past, projecting to the future…”

Fliptrix earmarked a nine album run when he released his first solo offering back in 2007. The highest numeral has always played a significant part in Fliptrix’s appreciation of the universe, […]

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