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Onoe Caponoe, The Lord Catpissdelic myth is a earthly being possessed by the ghost of Jim Willow the Wizard.

A Funkadelic sperm from the sexual organs of the 169world Onoe Caponoe uses alien technology to record vocal crystals telepathically transmitted by his thoughts.

Dwelling in a underground cellar somewhere in London, Onoe Caponoe once joined forces with producer extraordinaire Chemo over the span of many suns and moons to bring the tales, thought processes, feelings and sounds of the until now unheard of the alternative dimensional planet knows as Planet Cattele. Voices From Planet Cattele was a psychedelic rap experience designed to open minds and emotions of all who come across it from now till far into the distant future.

Onoe Caponoe has moved on from Planet Cattele, and subsequently went for the mystic approach with ‘Spells From The Cyclops’ – fast forward to the present day and Onoe has the next chapter in the saga ready to go, look out for new material dropping in 2019!

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Spells From The Cyclops (2016)
Voices From Planet Cattele (2015)

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